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Meta Tag Manager 2.0

I’ve just released a new update for Meta Tag Manager, a complete rewrite and bump up to version 2.0.

This was my first ever plugin to be submitted to the WordPress repository over 7 years ago! Back in the day, there weren’t any (or none I found) plugins that would allow you to add meta tags to your site. This was somewhat a pain for me whenever I needed to add google or yahoo verification meta tags to connect to their webmaster tools. Sure, you can edit the theme header, but that presented problems when updating the theme and was also just less convenient overall.

Over the years, other plugins came out that served my purposes, and in other cases I just verified my sites over DNS. As other plugins took up more of my time, this one fell by the wayside, and it has been four years since my last update!

However, I still get people asking me every so often whether I can update it. There’s also a surprisingly large number of active installs, so I felt it only fitting for my first ever (publicly released) WordPress plugin to get a spruce up. Moreover, it’s a refreshing change of pace to work on a plugin that is less complex than some of my popular ones.

The main aim of this first rewrite was to:

Additionally, I’ve integrated the Freemius Insights service to make use of their feedback data collection features and allow the users to optionally share some usage stats, which will hopefully make our plugin better.

I’m curious to see how useful people find the plugin, and certainly intend on at very least maintaining these features, ensuring they work with newer updates.

Other possible plans/ideas for this plugin are:

There’s already plenty to go on for now, but I’m open to ideas and may well tackle other features if they’re in demand. Feel free to let me know!