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Read WordPress RSS Feeds, YouTube Video Lists, and more…

I needed to grab a couple of new blog entries on a website’s wordpress blog area, and put it on a non-wordpress home page. I ended up making a PHP 5 class that did the job for me. Very simple, no fancy stuff.

I then needed to get a load of youtube video posts on the same site from a specific account and had to make a list of that, with thumbnails etc. . I ended up tweaking the first class ever so slightly and lucky me, I had an easy feed reader.

This class has some limitations, this is because it does what I need it to do:

There is a simple workaround for these limitations, which is by using the DOMDocument object stored in the ReadFeed object. You can access it via $ReadFeedObj->dom->etc…

This class needs php 5 and will not work with earlier versions

I have added some documentation which you can find here, along with the source code.

Here is a simple example for getting your wordpress posts:

$feed = new ReadFeed(“”, “item”);
foreach ($feed->items as $item){


= $item->description ?>