jscalendar 1.0 aqua theme incompatability fix for Konqueror

Posted on Mar 3, 2008 in Javascript |

I love jscalendar… it’s dead easy to use, does what I want, is very flexible, and looks nice. Anyone that has a better free option, please let me know. MooTools (along with other JS libraries) have some cool implementations, but this script does stuff that others do not do.

When IE7 came out there was a bug in the calendar which essentially rendered the free version useless and therfore had me thinking of alternatives. Thankfully, this was soon resolved and I have been using jscalendar to this day.

A problem I came accross today is that the very cool aqua CSS theme that comes with the calendar didn’t work properly on KDE’s Konqueror. Now, normally I’d just say “screw Konqueror, no one uses it and if it doesn’t conform to CSS then it’s not worth the effort”, but unfortunately it was being used by a client who’s IT system uses KDE, and staff default to Konqueror. My ultimate goal is to convert everyone to Firefox (which is the best browser out there so if you aren’t using it right now, change it, believe me it’s worth it!) but for now I needed a quick fix.

The problem with KDE is that it won’t retrieve the background images specified in the CSS file, and as no background color was specified, you are left with a rather ugly transparent calendar.

Long story short, I changed the theme.css file and added some background-color properties so that in KDE it degrades to a useable standard (not as pretty, but at least useable). You can download a copy by clicking the link below.

Aqua Theme CSS File

I’d be very interested to hear any other cross-browser compatability problems with jscalendar, especially earlier versions of IE and Safari, so any comments would be appreciated!