My new home…..

Posted on Jul 2, 2012 in Other |

Blogging is no easy task! It takes time, dedication and consistency. I started a blog on, which started falling behind as other priorities took over. It’s been over a year, and an ageing blog theme did nothing to motivate me.

It has gotten to the point that it made sense to split my posts from any company blogs and move it over to a personal space. I hope to find the time to write more, particularly tidbits, tips and tricks on my day to day work with web technologies, along with the possibility of a rant or two about something or other.

So… I’m almost starting from scratch. All my posts on have been moved over. I may have lost some comments in the process (which is why you shouldn’t go with plugins like Disqus), but if more content is produced as a result this move, then it will be worth it.

Under the Hood

I’m a fan of simplicity, as well as not re-inventing the wheel (especially when you can improve it!), so I’ve gone with the lovely Elegant Themes Modest theme with some minimal CSS changes, which does what it says in the box, and will allow more focus to be placed on the content. I may even take it a step further and simplify it even more by removing unnecessary scripts, fonts, etc.

Welcome to my new online home. Don’t expect regular posts anytime soon, but hey, that’s the goal and this is the first step 😉