Phatfusion Image Menu Mootools 1.2 compatability fix

Posted on Jun 23, 2008 in MooTools | 41 comments

Samuel Birch created a great image menu which can be found here at Phatfusion. I was upgrading some bits on a site for the lovely Mootools 1.2 release and as a result I had to make a small change to get imagemenu to work.

The problem lied in one of the options called transitions. This used an old name for an transition, and consequently didn’t work. Apart from that there were no other compatability issues. Also, remember to download the Fx.Elements plugin as well as the core, as they are now two seperate downloads!

I’ve put up a demo here of his page with the Image Menu 1.2 change applied, so either use that to get the source, or just change Fx.Transitions.quadOut to Fx.Transitions.Quad.easeOut on line 18 to get that working on a previous version.

Kudos goes to Sam for a great piece of code….